Hi, I am Sina. I am a Digital Strategist.

Transforming Digital Challenges into Digital Opportunities

Thanks for stopping by! There’s a reason you’re on this website. Most likely you’re keen to find out what I can do for you; let’s get started.

As a Digital Strategist, my work helps businesses navigate the complex and ever-evolving world of digital challenges. To achieve financial success, I firmly believe a digital strategist need skills like these to understand and apply business strategies to the digital space. It is my love of learning, curious nature and boundless energy that helps me identify the ideal digital strategy and technology for your business to achieve success.

Complex business and marketing problems are my favourite types of problems.

International in scope, I’ve been providing digital solutions to businesses across Germany, France and Australia over the past six years. What does that mean? As a professional speaker and instructor, I also share digital marketing knowledge through academies, blogs and industry events.

Currently focused on providing digital strategy solutions as a freelance consultant, I am also looking at new employment opportunities. Working with businesses of every size has developed my unique mix of marketing, technical and strategy skills to a senior level. Maybe it’s my German personality, but a results-oriented and efficient work process is definitely the key to absorbing the facts of your unique business situation to discover a path forward.

If you’d like to find out what transformation in the digital space can look like for you, don’t be shy! I am a happy extrovert who would love to meet you and discuss the opportunities there are for your current projects.